June 11, 2012
Hello all my LIBERTY LOVING  friends,
For those who missed it, last couple of weeks I took a 6,000 mile trip in Freedom Van (in it's spring/summer butterflies). 
Updates are here: www.libertyvan.com/ 
Also, below there are LOTS OF GREAT PHOTOS, and a pretty cute story about me:
Freedom Van at Madison, WI Statehouse, the day before Scott Walker 'recall' election (I hung around the next day too, till about 10:30PM - what a SHIN DIG that was!)
Tomorrow am, I will be leaving again with Freedom Van, heading for Kingwood, West Virginia on my latest
quest to defend my first amendment rights.  Yes, after SIX AND A HALF YEARS of driving Liberty Van across
West Virginia in Liberty Van (often as not at NIGHT, with LIGHTS - RED, WHITE & BLUE BLAZING), a cop
had nothing better to do than harass me because of the white lights (with green St. Patrick's Day shamrocks)
I had on Freedom Van.  This happened the weekend after St. Patrick's Day, when I was on my way home from
the shin dig at the Supreme Court (HANDS OFF MY HEALTH CARE) in Washington DC. 

I actually drive through
WV more than almost any other state, as it's on my way to both my grandkids in VT, as well as DC, and other
destinations.  Court is at 3:00PM on Wed, 6/13, the day before FLAG DAY, so I will have little flags to hand out.
I'm also working on some ANTI smoking BAN t-shirts to share.
Also, tomorrow is this:
Kentucky We Surround Them & 9/12 Project
Wednesday, June 13, 2012
1:00 PM
100 Your Hometown
Hometown, KY   (this is a NATIONWIDE EVENT)
Since I will be ON THE ROAD (Actually AT COURT that day), and have little time, I paid my daughter to
make me a whole bunch of cookies.  This is how 'free enterprise' SPREADS THE WEALTH'. She's a
real expert, taught by me, and I was taught by my mom & grandma.  This is the label I made for the
baggies (with 5 cookies each).  I have about 80 bags of them.
Here's the poster I made,
Since we now have various levels of government shutting down KID'S
LEMONADE STANDS,  and also the FEDS trying to shut down BAKE
TO STAND UP AGAINST THIS!  I will be taking my 'bake sale' on the ROAD.
I hope as many of you as possible will participate.
For the record, I average about 1-2 trips to court per year (and I ALWAYS GO), and in a grand total of 6.5 years,
for WELL OVER 350,000 miles (total of both vans), I have so far lost only 3 - that would be an average of less than
ONE per 100,000 miles.  At one of those (in WY), the judge LAUGHED and suspended the fine.  So, I will CONTINUE to
ALWAYS go to court - and even get a jury trial if possible.  Win OR lose, I get to park (almost always) RIGHT
in front of the door of the courthouse, hand out lots of flyers (and sometimes t-shirts and/or flags), and maybe
get on TV or in the newspaper again.  Also, the couple of small fines I've paid can not possibly have made up
for the costs of subpoena of the officer(s) involved, and etc.  Also, EVERYTHING ON BOTH of my vans IS
LEGAL IN MY STATE OF RESIDENCE (also in most other states).  It is curious to me how my out of state
DRIVER'S LICENSE IS ACCEPTABLE, but my out of state equipment is NOT???  And, it always IRKS me
as a TAXPAYER to see law enforcement with no higher priority than harassing a grandma with some
CHRISTMAS LIGHTS on her award winning ART CAR.  I always pray no one gets KILLED by a drunk
driver or speeder while they are wasting their time with me. 
As a result of their harassment, I have about
TWICE AS MANY lights on BOTH vans now as I used to have.  BOTH are covered with white as well as
their colored lights, and I have now put them on a bus bar, so I can unplug the color(s) that are objected
to in some of the states.  I REFUSE to ride with NO lights, though, as BOTH vehicles are covered with
not visible without lights.  Therefore, I consider shutting off all my lights to be a violation of my
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