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"Bad laws are the worst sort of tyranny"  Edmund Burke ~  "Whatever crushes individuality is despotism" John Stuart Mill
"When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes DUTY."  Thomas Jefferson ~ I am doing my duty.  Lynda Farley
Yes, in NJ I am now a convicted granny with FLOWERS on my van, (December 3, 2013, an appeals court in NJ threw out this conviction : )
and in WV and PA I'm a 'dangerous' convicted granny with Christmas lights on my van. Oct. 1, 2013, appeals court in Carlisle, PA
threw out my Christmas lights convicion. One is being appealed to the WV Supreme Court.  In VA, on two back to back trips, I've been harassed
with a parking ticket, and whatever they can come up with.
After about 7 years of only occasional harassment by law enforcement, suddenly I have cases going in 4 different states. 
For the record, my KY driving record is SQUEAKY clean.  Seems they don't bother to report 'lights beefs' in OTHER states. 
For first 7 years (and over 300,000 miles) of this project, I have averaged one or two trips to court a year.  I ALWAYS go
to court when harassed. LOVE parking my vans in front of court houses, and handing out lots of flyers (and maybe also
free ANTIsmoking ban t-shirts, flags, flowers, or whatever else), and maybe getting the van on TV or in a newspaper again. 
Win or lose, that usually works for me.  I am retired, and my schedule is flexible, and until late 2012, I had only lost 3 of
these.  No matter WHAT the excuse, EVERY time I take either of my vans on the road, for ANY excuse at ALL,
they make another zillion people SMILE, and also no way to know HOW many take pics, and post them all over the internet.
Liberty Van is possibly the most photographed vehicle in America (if not the world).  I started this project with it in December, 2005,
when it had about 57,000 miles on it.  Today (March 30, 2013), 7 years and 4 months later, it has almost 362,000 miles on it.
That's pretty close to 305,000 miles, and during all of them everyone and their grandmother has been taking pics of it.  Besides,
3 years ago, in March 2010, I bought Freedom Van (when Liberty Van was in the shop again).  I started it right - pasted signs all
over it before driving it off the new car lot (in Somerset, KY), and took it directly to Glasgow, KY City Hall for a Council meeting,
a smoking ban meeting of course <G>.  Freedom Van is three years old this month (March, 2013), and about to turn 90,000 miles,
so over past 7 years and 4 months, I've covered a grand total of nearly 395,000 miles - in ALL the lower 48 states.  I am EXTREMELY
law abiding, I don't even LITTER.  My driving record is here: www.libertyvan.com/image/MYdrivingRecordKY-02-20-2013EC.jpg
However, I do at times excercise civil disobedience, because I do NOT want my Constitutioal Rights infringed.
I have photos of Liberty Van in front of EVERY Statehouse in the USA, except Hawaii & Alaska, and of Freedom Van in front of
about 3/4 of them.
I found this awesome EAGLE (ON THE TRAILER) in a native American sculpture garden in Santa Fe, New Mexico, when I was out to Albequerque for a Doctors for
Disaster Preparedness Seminar.  In my efforts to take my own advice (from a sign on Liberty Van, "TRY BEING INFORMED INSTEAD OF JUST OPINIONATED"), and since I am
'retired', I attend a variety of such things as I am able.  This eagle is 350 lbs of metal (I'm pretty sure it's brass?).  He was too big to go ON Liberty Van, so I fixed him his own little
'war wagon'.  He's making a bit of a statement himself.  He is a symbol of the U.S. - of us - and he's in pretty big TROUBLE right now.  He is chained down with DEBT, and balls
of SOCIALISM, COMMUNISM, LOST MORALS, CORRUPTION, and ILLEGAL INVASION.  On top of that, he's all pad locked with BANS, UN, FED, TAXES, NWO, and other nasty
On my way back from NYC, on 9/12/12, I was harassed in Allamuchy, NJ, on I80.  That one is now under apeal, so I will limit what I say about it here.  It could affect ANY
one with an art car, though.  Basically they don't like the flowers around my windshield, nor my gorgeous red, white, and blue eagle hood ornament (a couple of photos down
you can see that).  This is the FIRST (and so far ONLY) time I've had a ticket for 'obstructed vision of front windshield' in either of these vans.  That red/white & blue eagle
has been there for several years now, and has about 80,000 miles on it.  I will NOT trash my beautiful art for The People's Republic of NJ.  I have an attorney helping me
with that one.  For safety's sake, let me assure you, if I could not see what was in front of me on the road, I think I would have had some sort of problem by now. 
In addition, besides side rear view mirrors on BOTH sides of BOTH vans, BOTH of them are equiped with rear view cameras.
I really do NOT have any kind of an attitude when I get pulled over in these vans.  More often than not, they just want a closer look, or want to take a picture, or as one told
me in Oklahoma about 6 years ago, 'I just wanted to see what somebody looks like who's driving something like this'. <VBG>  This particular officer, out of all of the times
I've been harassed over these years, is the first one I filed a complaint against.  She scared me half to death. She got so upset when I tried to put my seat belt back on, I thought
she was about to pull a gun on me, or taser me or something.  She had at least two other cop cars backing her up - I was the UNarmed granny all alone in the middle of
nowwhere, at nearly midnight.  Of course, The People's Republic of NJ 'dissed' my complaint.
This was at Freepac (Freedom Works) in Cincinnati, on my way home.
I got home from Freepac in time for my youngest son's birthday.  He was 18 on September 16.  He's going into the Marines, and starting boot camp in May.
 I have 6 children, and (so far) 8 grandchildren, and they are all AWESOME.  They are going to live in a communist country only over my dead body.
September 21-23, I was in St. Louis, MO with Liberty Van and the big Eagle for Eagle Council.  Eagle Forum is Phyllis Schlafly's group, which I've supported for about a quarter
of a century now, ever since I first subscribed to her newletters when I began home schooling.  She is in her eighties now, and still an AWESOME lady.  I've been blessed to be
able to attend these meetings for past five years or so now.
September 27th, Liberty Van and big Eagle attended the Media Research Center Annual DIShonor Awards Gala in Washington DC.  That was a HOOT - I highly recommend it!
I was home a total of 14 days in September.
In mid October, I attended a Freedom & Liberty Conference for two days, in Louisville, KY.  This is put on by several T-party groups.  At last year's conference, we had
Andrew Brietbart speak.  What a huge loss he is!  This year, we had Larry Pratt of Gun Owners of America, plus other great speakers.  I brought the big eagle, but
at the moment don't remember if it was towed by Liberty Van or Freedom Van?
I took Liberty Van and the big Eagle to the Afghan Hound Club of America National Specialty show in Atlanta, GA the end of October, and went from there directly to a George
Washington Symposium at Mt. Vernon, in Alexandria, VA in early November.  Fun stuff, plus a GREAT excuse to drive this rig through several battleground states just a
few days before the election.  OF COURSE, I got harassed AGAIN, this time at Mt. VERNON! <G>.

My oldest daughter was born November 1, 1969. 80% of Americans (including us) had NO health insurance at the time.
But, it was no big deal, because it cost us just $300 for the doctor, the hospital AND THE WHOLE 9 YARDS.
Government is the WORST THING that EVER happened to health care!
Mt. Vernon, in Alexandria
The second day of the conference someone from Mt. Vernon Ladie's Association (I also WAS a member of - I've supported that for past several years
with from $200-$500/year, as I'm a HUGE GW fan) came to me whining about how and where I was parked.  I'l bet the big 'FIRE OBAMA HIRE ROMNEY'
sign on my back window didn't have a THING to do with it <VBG>.  The RECREATIONAL VEHICLE spaces were ALL FULL (and none of those parked
there were RV's). Anyway, Liberty Van is a MINIvan, NOT an RV.  Haven't found anyone yet who thinks that great big eagle (in it's 3.5' wide trailer) is an
RV, either.  But due to (I'm pretty sure) this person's whining, one of the officers gave me a $100 parking ticket.  SInce I had two of my Champion show
dogs with me, and there was nowhere else for me to park anyway, I stayed and enjoyed the rest of the symposium.  I had my first court appearance on
that one January 15, when I was in the area anyway on my 8th annual tour of DC and all the north eastern People's Republics of America (on my way
to visit 5 of my grankids in Vermont).  BUT, on my way to THAT court date, I got ANOTHER harassment ticket.  Geesh, first one was three days before
the Presidential election, this 2nd one was three days before the inauguration.  Don't worry, I had NO intention of sticking around DC for that - went to
court, took a couple of pics (which won't be seen till I have time to go through all those), then off for the NE, and my daughter's place in VT.  I went to
court in Alexandria, VA, (with Freedom Van, and without big Eagle) March 21, and the parking ticket was DISMISSED WITH PREJUDICE, meaning
it has a stake through it's heart.  Have to leave here again April 2nd to go to court in Fairfax, VA on the 2nd harassment ticket, so look for us on the
road again... bringing Liberty Van and Big Eagle, this time.
I got home in time to vote next day. BTW, the big eagle has at least 30,000-40,000 miles on him, by now.
The day after the election, I went out and bought several dozen bunches of black roses.  Next day, I  went and pulled off most of the white flowers
on Liberty Van, and replaced them with the black ones.  Now, it is red, black, and blue, instead of red, white and blue.  Some folks had been asking
me what I would do with this van after the election?  My answer is that I started this in 2005.  That was a pretty long time before we knew WHO was
going to be in the White House in 2009.  This is a LONG term project.  No matter who we manage to get into office, the problems we have are
EVERYWHERE, and really nothing much has changed, EXCEPT for the
The day after the election, when I pulled off the FIRE OBAMA from the back window, I was so suprised at what was ALREADY there.  I'd forgotten, as it
had been covered up for months.  It's done on red velvet, with white glitter lettering.  Though in a couple of weeks I again (temporarily) covered it with a
Christmas message, it is today still on that back window. 
I had back to back court dates Dec. 4 & 5th (in Allamuchy, NJ & Kingwood, WV - I drove Freedom Van to those), so I didn't get Freedom Van done up for
Christmas in time for our local Christmas Parades, but got home barely in time to decorate the Eagle trailer, and took Liberty Van and the Eagle in a
couple of our local parades on December 8th.  Here is the pic our local paper took of Liberty Van in our Edmonton, KY parade.  We also did the
Cave City parade that night.
This is the rear window of Liberty Van today, March 30, 2013.  Many folks think I must keep these two vans in a garage all the time.  NO, we have a farm, and I only
have ONE little car port (this is it) for my TWO award winning art vans.  And, I just got it a few years ago.  For Liberty Van's first four years, it was outside ALL the time.
On top of that, we have a bunch of barn cats who think they LIVE on them.  I do a pretty good job of weather proofing them, though.  I've driven Liberty Van through
blizzards and ice storms (including one that shut down four states).  I have studded snow tires on BOTH vans about 1/2 the year.  I've dodged tornadoes with both of them, and
Liberty Van was hit (or very nearly) by lightning a few years ago.  It blew up the entire electric system, plus my ipod & rear cam.
SOME day I will get time (I hope) to put up all the pics from my 8th Annual January tour of Washington DC, and all the north eastern People's Republics of America.
Meanwhile, I want to get SEVERAL pages done of Freedom Van.  Before I bought Freedom Van, I used to do seasons with Liberty Van. I have Christmas stuff,
and Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day (a bit of a pain as those are so close together).  It was done up in butterflies for spring, and summer was red, white, and blue, and eagles &
patriotic stuff.  In fall, it had fall colors.  After I got Freedom Van, I have started using the seasonal stuff on it, and Liberty Van is now permenantly in red, (well, since the election
BLACK), and blue.  Freedom Van is in butterflies spring and summer.
DISCLAIMERS:  I am a life time Associate Member of Oathkeeper, www.oathkeeper.org
As a responsible citizen, I am totally committed to being supportive, and COOPERATIVE with ALL Constitutionally proper law
enforcement.  I also do my best NOT to allow my God Given Rights to be trampled. 
NO one is paying me anything to do anything.  I'm a 'ticked off' grandma from Kentucky.
It doesn't get ANY more 'grassroots' than that.  All my projects are 100% PRIVATELY funded.
They are also about 99.9% PERSONALLY funded.  Since I am not actually 'rich', I may end
up a bag lady.  I am doing what I am CALLED to do, and using EVERY inspiration,
talent, and resource God has blessed me with.  It all belongs to Him, anyway.
Liberty Van and Freedom Van are my Hosanna Afghan Hounds dog show mobiles.
The dogs are not a 'business', but a very expensive HOBBY.  We have finished,
or produced (so far) 22 AKC Champions, and a Grand Champion. 
You can see the most beautiful dogs in the world at www.hosanna1.com/Hounds/
I am the sole owner and sole 'webslave' of www.hosanna1.com (online since 1998),
www.aalf.ws , An American who Loves Freedom (online since 2005),
www.libertyvan.com , www.americansmokersparty.com , plus several more.
Since there is only me, and I'm on the road so much, my older pages may be out of date,
and may not work well with newer hardware/software/browsers.  Most of the older stuff
was done with IE.  I do not have the resources to test everything with everything, so
to serve the priority of getting info up, I am shifting to much more simple methods,
which SHOULD work with just about anything.  It may not be as 'pretty' as I could do it,
but given my time constraints, it's the best I can do.
Being on the road as much as I have been would probably be impossible, but 27 years
ago God blessed me with the most wonderful husband, John Farley.  He's a 'home body',
hates to go anywhere, but he agrees with me about EVERY WORD I put on those vans,
and he supports my every effort.  He fixes my lights on the vans, and helps me with
technical support at home.  We met when we shared an office at IBM - he's an engineer
(retired).  He holds the fort down here, caring for kids, grandkids, and of course the dogs.
Some of the kids help me from time to time with the vans, mostly with deconstruction,
when changing them from one season to another.  I pay them for their work, they are
not slave labor.  My 6 kids range in age from 43-18, and they are ALL AWESOME.
Only Michael, the youngest, is still at home, and he will be starting boot camp to
become a Marine in May.
"Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.
 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers,
 against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.
 Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day,
and having done all, to stand."  Ephesians 6:11-13 
I have pledged my life, my treasure, and my sacred honor to the service of God and my country.
Lynda Farley ~ www.libertyvan.com  ~  www.hosanna1.com/myresume.html
532 Farley Road, Edmonton, Kentucky, 42129  (270)432-7272     EMAIL:  hosanna1@scrtc.com
Hosanna Afghan Hounds ~ www.hosanna1.com/   ~   www.americansmokersparty.com  ~   legalSELFhelp
Dynamite Specialty Products ~ Home of the highest quality vitamin and mineral supplements for all living beings.
I'm on Facebook: www.facebook.com/lynda.farley and Twitter: https://twitter.com/SmokinKYgranny
 MORE PICTURES: Liberty Van:  May 2014 Houston Art Car Parade1/14-9th Annual NE Tour ~ 12/2013-8th Anniversary 6/13 DC court +8 Tickets In PA ~  4/10/13 DC ~ 4/2/13 VA Court ~ FALL 2012 ~ 9/12/2009
Freedom Van:  April 2014 ~ Stripping in Carlisle PA 5/31/13 ~ May 2013 Arrested/Kingwood, WV ~  St. Patrick's 2013Valentine 2013 ~ Christmas 2012
More UPDATES: www.libertyvan.com ~ There is LOTS more (older pages) at www.libertyvan.com/home/

You are welcome to share any of my photos and graphics, especially with your state legislators.
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                      Me, my husband, and our 6 Children
                            We have been so very VERY Blessed. 

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