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"Bad laws are the worst sort of tyranny"  Edmund Burke ~  "Whatever crushes individuality is despotism" John Stuart Mill
"When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes DUTY."  Thomas Jefferson ~ I am doing my duty.  Lynda Farley
4/10/13-4/18/13 Back to DC and Fairfax County VA - 5 more days in the 'Belly of the Beast'
Cherry Blossom Festival in DC - and a NEW FIRST - BUSTED TWICE in ONE TRIP!
BUSTED for the THIRD TIME in Kingwood, WV - LIBERTY VAN THIS TIME (for 'Christmas' lights of course)
and BUSTED IN DC for having a BIBLE and RAND PAUL'S BOOK on my dashboard (see pictures below)
On April 10, just two and a half days since returning from Fairfax County VA and Washington DC, I am ready to head back there.
In this short time home, I've managed to get taxes done, catch up a couple of months of laundry (8 loads), haul 6 of my dogs to
and from the groomers, get a new webpage up (see my last trip here: 4/2/13 VA Court ), made a new sign for the van (see below,
'WE STAND WITH RAND' and a bunch of other stuff.  My daughter, Rose, is 25 years old today.  We had her party yesterday.
 The entire reason for the previous trip (4/2) was a $30 harassment ticket received 3 days before the presidential inauguration, in January, in Fairfax, VA.
The entire reason for THIS trip is THAT one.  The judge completely 'dissed' my case, would not even allow me time to get an attorney.  I did not get my
day in court, so must appeal.  And, Fairfax County's rules only allow 10 CALENDAR days to do it - so my deadline is on TAX day, April 15.  I had not
planned to go to this year's Tax Day Tea Party in Washington DC (though I've done that in other years).  As so often, God's timing is PERFECT.  Thanks
to this judge, and the rules, I will be in DC for the Tea Party!  I will leave early enough to try to find an attorney on Friday, and have him file my appeal.
Because of the perfect timing, I will also get to be there all weekend for the Cherry Blossom Festival.  So, besides THANKING Officer Kutz again
(who gave me this ticket), I also THANK this judge (I will leave you to decipher his name).
EVERY one of these tickets I've been getting is the sort that I would NEVER EVER get if I was not driving Liberty Van or Freedom Van..
And, it is the opinion of a couple of my art car friends I've spoken to about this, that it is because of my CONSERVATIVE messages.
On my way to Washington DC, I stopped overnight in Kingwood, WV, my new habit since they have been harassing me.
I've driven Liberty Van through WV for at least 7 years, more often than not at night (due to distance from my home, and my
habit of being a 'night owl').  THE ONLY place in WV EITHER of my vans has EVER been harassed is in Preston County
(Kingwood), and BOTH previous times they picked on Freedom Van (green St. Pat's lights in March, 2012, and pink Valentine's
lights in Feb. 2013). 
After another FABULOUS ride up I 79 through the WV mountains, with Liberty Van and the big Eagle, it finally happened, a little after
midnight (April 11), just outside Kingwood.  Liberty Van got ticketed for it's RED, WHITE, and BLUE lights.  It is covered
with eagles, statue of libertys, liberty bells, red, white and blue (and black roses to honor our Marxist president's 2nd term)
silk flowers  - red, white and blue star shaped lights are the only color that is fitting for it.  Now, in addition to having to be in Kingwood for
PINK lights on May 15, I also have to be there on May 21 for this latest one.  And looks to me like PRESTON COUNTY, WV has
a PROBLEM.  I've had ZERO problems ANYWHERE ELSE in WV, and THREE strikes in Preston County.  Coincidence???
They are doing a GREAT JOB of KEEPING ME ON THE ROAD, where MANY MORE people can enjoy these award winning art cars!
I succeeded in finding an attorney on Friday who will handle my appeal in Fairfax, VA.  I also did a bit of cruising, on Capitol Hill
during lunch hour, and in Fairfax.  Now I have a couple of days to 'kill' in DC, and enjoy this Cherry Blossom Festival, before the
Tea Party on Monday.  No, two more days to LIVE 100% in JOY, serving my Lord, and my country.  I took a few pics Friday evening,
and more on Saturday.  The crowds and traffic were SO thick on Saturday and Sunday, I didn't even attempt to take more pics
of my van, I took some of the crowds.  I put them in a FLASH slide show below.  If your system does not allow you to see it,
email me and let me know at jlfarley@scrtc.com .
I cruised the National Mall and around the monuments twice.  When I have the eagle trailer, I have to stay away from some
places.  It is not allowed too near the Capitol, White House, and a few places like that.  I cruised different  parts of Fairfax
County EVERY DAY (five days I was there), and Capitol Hill every weekday during lunch hour, also spent the nights in Fairfax
County.  I cruised the National Mall and monuments EVERY day, twice on Sat., and three times on Sunday. 
There were SO MANY beautiful smiles, all ages, all colors.  Some may think I'm a kook, but since it's NOT about me,
that hardly matters.  SO MANY of them LOVE these vans.  I have never counted the cost, and I WILL keep driving them.
Sunday I did not take any photos, I handed out hundreds of little American flags to kids (of ALL ages & nationalities)
on the Mall, and around the Washington Monument.  I never knew they had this big deal festival every year, and maybe
never would have known, but for the PERFECT TIMING of the harassment, and what went with it (having to come find
lawyer(s), file appeals, etc.).  This was the MOST people I've ever seen at one time in DC except for the huge 9/12/2009
Tea Party www.libertyvan.com/091209WDCteaparty/ .  I will definitely try to work this into my schedule in the future.
The Saturday and Sunday cruising was absolutely AMAZING.  So many people, so many SMILES, more photos taken
of Liberty Van those two days than probably the past entire year (& 25,000 miles) of traveling.  About 3:30 in the afternoon,
on rounding the corner of Washington Monument again, I'd stayed in the far right lane, stopped to hand out flags to dozens
and dozens of kids, each one seeming more beautiful than the last.  Their parents were taking their pics in front of the van,
older folks wanted flags too.  Some I see, and shake my head, telling myself, 'God loves that one too'.  I was so totally
awed, and thinking this is ALL HIS spirit.  By then, I was so overwhelmed by them all, tears were running down my cheeks. 
So many people everywhere I go LOVE these BEAUTIFUL vans.  And God loves every one of them - therefore I do too!  It
took me about 20 minutes to notice the car right in front of me was parked.  I finally (VERY VERY slowly!) pulled out of there,
and continued around and through the WWII Memorial.  Instead of then turning right up Constitution to continue around
Washington Monument (as I had been doing), I decided to go straight onto 17th street (which turns into Connecticut) for
a bit.   There were people that way too.   There was a 'no trucks' sign, but it did not say no trailers, so I hoped I'd be OK to
go that way for a little bit.  Figured I'd turn off somewhere before I got close to the White House.  
Almost immediately I saw a police car behind me.  I have REAR VIEW CAMERAS in BOTH of my vans, actually
BECAUSE of Washington DC.  My vans are legal almost everywhere even with windows covered up, because
I have side rear view mirrors on BOTH sides.  But the law in DC is very weirdly written.  ANYONE who has a back
seat passenger who is NOT LYING ON THE FLOOR is breaking their law.  And, anyone who has ANY PART of a
load peeking above the bottom of a rear or side window is ALSO BREAKING THE LAW.  'No part of a passenger or
a load may obstruct ANY PART of a rear, or side window.'  This is the sort of thing they can SELECTIVELY 'enforce' to
harass someone if they feel like it.  Here is what happened last time I got harassed in DC:
www.aalf.ws/Liberty-Van/WashingtonDCFirstAmendmentRights/  That time (back in 2007) the police actually forced me,
with threat of jail and impounding my van, to remove the beautiful tribute to our troops, and memorial for 9/11
I had on the back window at that time.  That time I was in DC to attend a Defending the American Dream
Summit, with Americans for Prosperity.  THAT is WHY I put a REAR CAMERA IN THIS VAN. And, when
lightning hit it about 4 years ago, and blew up not only the van's electric system, computer, my ipod,
AND my rear camera, I IMMEDIATELY bought another rear camera for it. And, when I bought Freedom Van
three years ago, one of the things I added to IT is a rear camera.
So, Sunday afternoon, I watched this police car for a couple of blocks, and when she pulled me over, I had all
my papers ready in my hand for her.  She said she stopped me because my rear vision was obstructed.  I
pointed at the 7" camera screen just a couple of feet from my face, and told her my rear camera is OUTSIDE
the windows, and it is not obstructed.  She then had to think quickly, and come up with something else.  Pictures
really are worth 1,000 words, so here is what she did,
This officer told me I 'haven't learned'.  But the previous harassment (5 years ago!) is exactly WHY I have rear
cameras in BOTH vans.  The ONLY thing I 'learn' from harassment like this is that it is VITALLY IMPORTANT
Note, that Bible goes with me when I am driving Freedom Van on trips as well, and it was in the previous
TWO vans I owned before these.  I have not left home without that Bible on the dashboard of whatever
I am driving for nearly 20 years, ever since my oldest daughter gave it to me in 1994.  And that copy of Rand's
book is the one he autographed for me a few weeks ago, when I had lunch with him and the Republican Ladies
in Lexington.   I am from KENTUCKY.  I had great big Rand Paul signs on BOTH Liberty AND Freedom Vans for about
a year.  I attended Rand's victory party in Bowling Green with one of these vans the night he won his Senate seat!
UPDATE: I went to court in DC on this June 21, 2013, and the officer did not show up, so it was dismissed.
Because of this, I added a temporary sign.  I always have contact paper and markers for 'on the fly' signs.
Heading into DC from Alexandria, about 8:50 AM, through Monday morning drizzle (weather was PERFECT all
weekend), a sweet Hispanic looking lady at a stop light blew me a kiss.  That sort of thing happens all the time, as
I travel.    I don't think I will ever get tired of all the expressions people have as they see these vans, and take it all in. 
The funniest are the very few who are obviously working hard at pretending they are not looking (LOL).  I can not
possibly take credit for all of this, I've only been doing my best to use everything God has blessed me with.  I've
hardly been able to keep a smile off my face (even if I wanted to) all weekend, and every time I think geesh,
I got busted for having Rand's Government Bullies book on my dashboard, I break out laughing again.
 I was disappointed to find I could not get anywhere near the Tax Day Tea Party with my rig, and had been
unable to find a SAFE place to unhitch my little trailer and park my big Eagle so I could try to get in there.  It was
WAY up in a park, and seemed accessible only via roads I was not allowed to go on.  SO, I contented myself with
parking for awhile in front of the Capitol (trailer is allowed on 3rd St.), then up on Capitol Hill, and cruising there at
lunch time again.  I rode all day with my big Tea Party flag on the roof, too.  When I heard (a couple of days later)
that we had stopped the gun bill, I felt like I'd done my two bits worth to help that.
Tuesday morning, my first thought was this is another BEAUTIFUL day to carry this torch.  Heading in to DC on
Hwy 1 in VA, saw the biggest smile ever, and I've seen bazillions of them after 7 years and 5 months, and it's
all over my face now too.  It's a lively looking black lady, they have the brightest smiles!  In the middle of so much chaos,
there is also so much love!  STILL need to find an attorney for the 'books' ticket, but it's also time to head home.  I
cruised the National Mall one last time, then headed for Fairfax to pick up a copy of the 'trial' paper from the Courthouse. 
I took a pic in front of City Hall again, just for fun.
Spoke to my new VA atty. on the way out of town, I have a court date for the Fairfax ticket that should work.
May schedule is, Court in Fairfax 5/6 (I'll have to leave home latest 5/4), then directly from Fairfax VA to
Houston, for the Art Car Parade.  This means I will be bringing Freedom Van, as it is entered there, and
still in it's St. Patrick's day green, and I did not enter big Eagle, so he stays home this time.  May 12th, after
the Art Car events, I'll have to head directly back to Kingwood, WV for trial for pink valentine lights on May 15. 
With luck, I will get home the 16th.  I will have to leave again by the 19th of May to be in court in Kingwood,
WV for trial on Liberty Van's red, white, and blue lights on May 21.  Maybe I can be home for 13 days in May?
Harassment is a TWO way road, and they are keeping me on it.  <G>
I had not turned on my satellite radio for news for the past few days.  I'd been cruising with my Christian and
patriotic music on my ipod.  'As a man thinketh, so he is' is a TRUE statement, and we ALL COULD CHOOSE
what to put into our minds.  It was a shock, when I finally did turn on the radio, to learn that while I was handing out
flags to children on the National Mall on Monday afternoon, some maniac had blown up the Boston Marathon.
Such a tragedy, I am praying for all those affected, and at the same time I am angry, with a righteous anger.
Such acts could only be committed by someone whose soul is DEAD.  May not be so much comfort at
this moment, but the Bible does say not to fear those who can kill the body, fear those who kill the soul.
God has given each person a free will.  Evil is attempting to kill another's soul.  That is done by taking away
a person's God given choices, whether by brainwashing and propaganda, or by other kinds of oppression
and coercion.  There can be NO real virtue without a free will.
"Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,
I will fear no evil, for Thou art with me".
NONE of us knows whether we have ONE more day on this earth.  The time to get a right relationship with
God is NOW.  I still have to get home, about 800 miles, so I switch back to music.
I do LOVE to fly all these eagles down the road.  I parked overnight in Kingwood again, didn't get busted
this time, though.  Met with my atty there in am, and the Magistrate who is supposed to judge both of them
already let us know he believes WV legislature to be supreme law of the land, so doubt I will win those.
Doesn't matter, I'll go anyway.  It may end up in WV Supreme Court, and every time I go there
more people catch some of my attitude.   I've been very well received by many of the local people there.
I do think there is a problem in Preston County.  Nowhere else in the state have I been bugged like this.
From the stories people have been telling me, the local people are preyed on like sheep, and plundered
 by their law enforcement.  And, the root of that problem might very well be attitudes among the magistrates.
I would DEARLY LOVE to sue WV (or at least Preston County) for violating my 1st amendment rights.  My
attorney there is nice, and I think doing his best, but this is not his usual kind of case.  I would love to hear
from someone with more experience on how to go about doing that.
I think if they had a clue, they would STOP giving me excuses to keep coming back.  Attitudes ARE
contagious, and I've been spreading mine.  I know who and what I am (a child of God's), and I know
exactly what I've been doing and why. You may not be able to make a horse drink, may not even be
able to lead it to water - but if you bring the water to the horses, a few of them WILL get thirsty.  I have
been carrying that Spirit, and hoping some will remember Liberty, and that it is more precious even
than life.  I know I can't change all the things myself that need to be fixed, but IF enough other folks
will wake up, at some point there might be enough folks to do the job.
This time, rather than run down I 79 through Charleston as usual, I went up I79 to catch I70 W, north of
Washington PA, and drive across The People's Republic of Ohio.  I go that way fairly often.   I LOVE
handicap logos followed me into a rest area in Ohio.  They'd been taking pics from all sides.  A heavy
set girl, with beautiful long hair, and a huge smile jumped out, and came to my window to shake my
hand.  I'd stopped for a few minutes to fix my cooler, and get out my lunch. 
I bring ALL my food on most of my trips, if I'm going to be spending much of my time in smoking ban
(communist) states or cities.  I refuse to pay for hospitality I do NOT get.  I am perfectly capable of
feeding myself (and also my husband, six kids, and eight grandkids).  I pay for restaurants because I want
to sit on my tush, relax, and be waited on.  That will NEVER include being forced to quit smoking against
my will, NOR being forced to get up and hike ANYWHERE - whether or not it's raining, snowing,
or 110 degrees.  I save HUNDREDS of dollars on EVERY trip now, which I can use for gas, and attorneys,
etc. <G>.  And, though there are almost NO stores in the county where I live (we don't even have a
Wal-mart), therefore I do a LOT of shopping away from home, on these trips, I buy NOTHING except
a few 'emergency' items in ANY state, county, or city with a government mandated smoking ban.
Often, when I go through Ohio, I love to cruise downtown Columbus, and Cincinnati, but
this time I'm skipping that.  I am in the mood for the first restaurant meal of this trip, in Florence, KY.  I want
to get there before Longhorn Steakhouse closes.  About 9:00 PM, I drove across the I 71/I 75 bridge
to Kentucky, both feet flat on the floor, with cruise control set right on the limit, as usual.  As cars passed
me on both sides, some were honking, many were waving, and thumbs up, welcoming me home.
I had a lovely, relaxing meal at Longhorn, though it will probably be my last.  I got the news that their company
has decided to join the lemmings in 'dissing' all their smoking customers, and cater only to the tiny minority
of neurotic people.  Most non-smokers are mentally well balanced people, who do not care if someone
smokes, so long as no one blows it on them.  ANTIsmokers, on the other hand, will stand out in a parking
lot in the middle of hundreds of idling automobiles, and complain about cigarette smoke.  They are
neurotic - mentally ill.  And, the pity is, if you get rid of the smoke, they will usually find some other thing
to complain about - perfumes and scents, or who knows what.  That is the nature of those who are
brainwashed, and compulsive.  My next trips will probably not bring me back to a Longhorn before they
stop offering hospitality to smokers.   It was late by the time I finished my meal, so I spent the night
in Florence.  It is still five hours from my home in southern Kentucky, plus I got to do some shopping
there on my way home.
At a rest area in KY, I took a bit of an afternoon siesta.  When I awoke, I took this pic.  I can not see that
beautiful eagle like that at all when going down the road, the van completely blocks my view of him, except
I can see his base in my rear cam, and if I look WAY up, I can see the tip of his wing high above in my side
mirror.  When I park I often pull into a curve, to use less spaces.  I just loved seeing him in the mirror.
I cruised Louisville a bit, then headed for home.  Heard on the radio this morning that today (April 18)
was the anniversary of Paul Revere's Ride. 
Liberty Van's odometer now stands at 365,663 miles. When I began this in 2005, it had about 57,000 on it. You can do the math.
DISCLAIMERS:  I am a life time Associate Member of Oathkeeper, www.oathkeeper.org
As a responsible citizen, I am totally committed to being supportive, and COOPERATIVE with ALL Constitutionally proper law
enforcement.  I also do my best NOT to allow my God Given Rights to be trampled. 
NO one is paying me anything to do anything.  I'm a 'ticked off' grandma from Kentucky.
It doesn't get ANY more 'grassroots' than that.  All my projects are 100% PRIVATELY funded.
They are also about 99.9% PERSONALLY funded.  Since I am not actually 'rich', I may end
up a bag lady.  I am doing what I am CALLED to do, and using EVERY inspiration,
talent, and resource God has blessed me with.  It all belongs to Him, anyway.
Liberty Van and Freedom Van are my Hosanna Afghan Hounds dog show mobiles.
The dogs are not a 'business', but a very expensive HOBBY.  We have finished,
or produced (so far) 22 AKC Champions, and a Grand Champion. 
You can see the most beautiful dogs in the world at www.hosanna1.com/Hounds/
I am the sole owner and sole 'webslave' of www.hosanna1.com (online since 1998),
www.aalf.ws , An American who Loves Freedom (online since 2005),
Since there is only me, and I'm on the road so much, my older pages may be out of date,
and may not work well with newer hardware/software/browsers.  Most of the older stuff
was done with IE.  I do not have the resources to test everything with everything, so
to serve the priority of getting info up, I am shifting to much more simple methods,
which SHOULD work with just about anything.  It may not be as 'pretty' as I could do it,
but given my time constraints, it's the best I can do.
Being on the road as much as I have been would probably be impossible, but 27 years
ago God blessed me with the most wonderful husband, John Farley.  He's a 'home body',
hates to go anywhere, but he agrees with me about EVERY WORD I put on those vans,
and he supports my every effort.  He fixes my lights on the vans, and helps me with
technical support at home.  We met when we shared an office at IBM - he's an engineer
(retired).  He holds the fort down here, caring for kids, grandkids, and of course the dogs.
Some of the kids help me from time to time with the vans, mostly with deconstruction,
when changing them from one season to another.  I pay them for their work, they are
not slave labor.  My 6 kids range in age from 43-18, and they are ALL AWESOME.
Only Michael, the youngest, is still at home, and he will be starting boot camp to
become a Marine in May.
"Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.
 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers,
 against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.
 Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day,
and having done all, to stand."  Ephesians 6:11-13 
I have pledged my life, my treasure, and my sacred honor to the service of God and my country.
532 Farley Road, Edmonton, Kentucky, 42129  (270)432-7272     EMAIL:  hosanna1@scrtc.com
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                      Me, my husband, and our 6 Children
                          &n bsp; We have been so very VERY Blessed. 
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