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Liberty Van & The Big Eagle go to Court in DC and VA, Plus a TEA Party,
and SET NEW RECORDS - 8 NEW Tickets in PA
It's been another record breaking trip.  Liberty Van was ticketed for the very first time ever in PA,
and got my first tickets ever in Harrisburg (the state capitol).  I've been driving Liberty Van
through PA for 7 and a half years, she has never been bothered there before (except for the fairly recent
incident in Philly).  So far, they had only picked on Freedom Van.  And, got a whopping record of 8 tickets in
ONE trip.  That is more than I got the entire first FIVE YEARS of traveling a quarter of a million miles in
Liberty Van, from coast to coast, through 48 states. Folks, they DON'T LIKE OUR FIRST AMENDMENT ANYMORE, either!
I cruised the National Mall every day while in DC, usually twice.
BUSTED IN DC for having a BIBLE and RAND PAUL'S Government Bullies BOOK on my dashboard
I spent a few lovely days cruising between Carlisle, and Harrisburg, handing out flags & flyers, and visiting with different
folks who came to look at the van. I'm starting to feel real affection for Carlisle, just as has happened with spending time
in Kingwood.  I has a beautiful little downtown, with lots of big shady trees, and there's a nice little college there (Dickenson).
There is also a large army base.  The population is a bit under 20,000, I think, a nice size.  They had a car show at the
Fairgrounds in Carlisle on Saturday, and I enjoyed cruising that crowd.  Between this few days, and stripping Freedom Van
there only a few weeks ago, and spending a few days that time too, practically everyone in town is talking about those vans,
and the vast majority are showing me support, and all kinds of kindness.
Have found a restaurant across the river from Harrisburg which has a wonderful smoking parlor and bar, where I can
get good food, as a break from eating what I bring.  Enjoyed dinner there on Sat, but then Liberty Van's
$200/18 month old battery was dead.  I had to drop the trailer, chain it to a light pole, and get the van towed to the
nearest Advanced Auto Parts (where the battery was from).  After getting a new battery, and picking up the trailer,
I took it back to the Advanced Auto in Carlisle, and had them run their diagnostics to figure out what ate the battery. 
Turned out, when I plugged in the trailer's tail lights, that was what had done it, so I was forced to unplug them. 
There were no trailer places open to get them fixed on the weekend, and having to run to VA on Monday for court
there on Tues did not leave me time to get that fixed.  Since the trailer is VERY well lighted (with ornamental
lights - illegal in PA), no one was going to run into it, also that trailer is both narrower AND lower than the tail lights
on the van, so NOT the 'safety issue' it would be if the trailer was a big box. 
Sunday, in the morning, I saw a bunch of motorcycles getting off the interstate, and several of them were carrying
great big flags (like my roof flags).  They looked so beautiful, it was a beautiful day, so just for fun, I put my
three roof flags up (two American flags, plus the Tea Party one), and cruised Carlisle with them all day.
On Monday, I was cruising the lunch crowds around the Statehouse in Harrisburg, when for the first time ever in
Harrisburg, I saw blue lights behind me.  An Officer Schmidt (Capitol police) gave me a ticket for having 'television
equipment' on my dashboard.  And, since he was PRETENDING that my REAR VIEW CAMERA was a TV, he
also gave me a ticket for obstructed vision.  GEESH - took those to my atty.  I have one in Harrisburg now, who
is handling an appeal on the green lights ticket I got in Carlisle in March.  But this is SO STOOPID, I am looking
for someone to sue him (the atty I have says he doesn't do that sort of work).    I 'celebrated' by putting the
three parade flags back up on Liberty Van's roof, and cruising the statehouse and downtown for the rest of the
Then I headed down to VA.  Court Tues was fun, parked in front of Fairfax city hall, but this was a toughie to win.
They ALWAYS side with the cop, unless I have photos, or it's something really outrageous (when they usually won't
show up).  Lost that one, but judge suspended the fine, and I got to cruise the National Mall again on my way back
up to Harrisburg.  Yes, seems I am also needed there now, plus I wanted to try to find an attorney to do a lawsuit for
I took night pics at the Statehouse, then headed over to Carlisle, to the Wal-Mart to pick up my bedtime snack
(Haagen Daz).  I was going to head for home in the morning.  NO one had harassed me for the three days I'd just
spent there, and I saw LOTS of cops all three days.  All the folks I've met there, like in Kingwood, are just nice,
regular folks.  So, about 11:00 at night, about a block from the Wal-Mart, I saw the red & blue lights, pulled over,
and was NOT all that surprised to see the SAME cop who busted me for the green shamrock lights 3 months ago. 
He came to the window, and said, 'I guess you know why I stopped you." I said, you must have been off this weekend. 
He said, 'I was'.  Well, he spent an hour going through his book, and wrote me SIX tickets.  Two for lights (he called
the ball on the roof a 'lighted sign', and another one for 'television equipment'.  Also, a ticket for my trailer, as I don't
have a tag on it (it's a 3.5 foot wideX5 ft farm trailer).  That (with the big eagle) has about 40,000 miles on it now, and
that one's a first.  Let's see, I'm supposed to pay PA a $75 fine, because I didn't pay a tax in Kentucky - and KY isn't
worried about that????  Ticket for the unplugged trailer tail lights, also had a broken safety chain (which I
meant to get fixed when I got the lights fixed).  That one alone is for $300+.  He actually wrote on that ticket that trailer
was being towed only by a single safety chain (as it there was no ball and hitch!).  He kept me there for over an hour,
also told me if I drove with my lights on again, he would give me another one for $500 - forget exactly what he called it,
but something like disobeying an order.  I took my sweet time pulling out of there, wanted to get my ice cream before
getting stopped again, so I waited till he went down the road.  Then, I flipped my lights back on, and cruised into
Wal-Mart to get my snack.  I got the van ready for sleeping, visited with lots of nice folks, handed out more flags, then hit
the road again.  Can't park overnight at the Carlisle Wal-Mart because of some city ordinance or something (the ONLY
thing I don't like about Carlisle).  The Wal-Mart is at the south end of town, also a rest area on I81 a few miles south of
that, where I've stopped overnight a few times.  All the way at the north end, on the way to Harrisburg, are several truck
stops.  Decided to park at Petro, so headed ALL the way back through town, LIGHTS ON, dome lights on, and flying
my yellow DON'T TREAD ON ME snake flag out the window.  It was going on 1 am by then, and I did make it to the
Petro, and park for the night without getting busted again.
In the am, knew I'd have to stay around another couple of days at least, rather than go right home.  They are NOT going to
shut me down.  First found a trailer place, and got my lights and chain fixed.  I don't know about PA, but in KY, equipment
things are usually dismissed if you fix them, so we'll see about that.  Called my atty, left message for him.  He called back
after awhile, and made an apt. for me Friday afternoon.  I got out my big 3'X5' yellow DON'T TREAD ON ME' roof flag, and
put that up on the roof, and LEFT it on the roof for all the time I spent in Carlisle for the next three days.
I spent the rest of the day amusing myself by taking all the tickets into Staples, getting them copied, and blown up, and
laminated, and covering almost the entire front doors with them. Then I added white contact paper with 2" red prism lettering,
on one side it says,
The other side says,
I also similarly displayed the poster I made from the Harrisburg tickets, and lettered that officer's name as well, on
both sides, on the side doors.
It is my experience that I am not that 'special'.  When I am getting treated like this by someone like this, so are the local
people who have to live with him.  Thursday, I parked along Hanover street most of the day, through the lunch rush,
moving every couple of hours, then at the Wal-Mart for a couple of hours, then back to Hanover street through the dinner
hours, then back to Wal-Mart.  I handed out hundreds more flags, and boy, did I EVER get an earful from dozens of folks
about David Roger!  Now that I'm home, and had a chance to Google him, I found out why.  Here are some of the more
interesting links.  He has already been sued for violating people's rights, and lost.  Now it makes sense he was so polite
to me.  He was just being careful.  He also told me I could not take his picture (which was a lie).
Here's the problem: Freed was the one who was ignorant of the law. So was Birbeck. And so was Rogers. The Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruled in 1989 that recording on-duty public officials is not a violation of the state's wiretapping law because public officials have no legitimate expectation of privacy while they're on the job. The order for Kelly to stop videotaping was illegal. So was Kelly's arrest and his incarceration. Freed eventually dropped all charges.
http://cumberlink.com/news/local/crime-and-courts/judge-rules-carlisle-officer-violated-man-s-rights/article_589e8c36-b940-11e1-b970-001a4bcf887a.html“This is a very significant victory for Brian Kelly, the people of Carlisle, and any other place in Pennsylvania where police record their interactions with the public,” said Boyle in a press release. “For years, whenever the lights were flashed in Carlisle, the people have been recorded by the police. Now, because Brian Kelly held a police officer accountable, those days are over. They can film you, yet, but you can film them, too. And if he tells you to stop, it is violation of your rights.”
Thursday evening, I pulled into Flying J to heat and eat my dinner (from my cooler).  I pulled into the last two spaces at the very end, in
the front, as I always try to allow those who want to take photos to be able to do that.  Had a nice visit with a number of folks who came
to check out the van, and enjoyed my dinner, & fixed my coolers.  But, I will probably not buy any gas from that Flying J again.  A manager
came out and asked me to go park in the back.  It is very crowded and noisy in the back of this particular Flying J, as bobtails and busses
are parked there, with most of their engines running.  Also, folks would not be able to see the van.  I have gone to a lot of work and expense,
and zillions of people are enjoying it, also given up a lot of my life these days to be on the road with it, I don't care to waste time hiding it.
But this manager annoyed me by making a comment that my harassment is 'self inflicted'.  Geesh, I have been doing NOTHING more than
exercising UNalienable* God given natural rights, supposedly protected by our Constitution.  I am also well aware that it is steeple like this
manager who are responsible for my not having those rights.  I put him on my prayer list, and since I am a HUGE respecter of PRIVATE
PROPERTY RIGHTS, and Flying J is private property, I will stay away from there from now on, even though in general Flying J is my favorite
truck stop.
Friday morning, I took the roof flag down temporarily for the short high speed interstate run up to Harrisburg, then put it
back up on the roof  to cruise the lunch crowds.  Then took all the new tickets to my atty, and finally headed home. 
Got practically a hero's welcome when I pulled into the Circle K in Kingwood, WV, about 10:30 pm, also at the Wal-mart : ).
Got in about 10:30 PM, Sat, 6/30.  I was home for a total of 9 days in July.  Liberty Van's odometer is at 369,752 miles now.
Freedom Van is still totally stripped.  www.libertyvan.com//PoliceHarassment/strippingFreedomVan/
I have not had time to work on her, and don't know when I will, as I have a conference mid July in
Houston, TX, and court again in Kingwood WV (pretrial for the pink lights) on July 18, plus Kingwood again Aug 1
(Liberty Van's red, white, and blue lights ticket).  And, I always try to have Liberty Van on the road July 4th,
it's her main holiday.  I had hoped to take her out to Utah, but now there is not time to get there.  But, since I
have those nice PA door posters on there now, and there is a huge shin dig at Gettysburg PA, for the anniversary
of the Battle of Gettysburg, I will go back up there.  It's been a couple of years since I've enjoyed DC on the 4th with
Liberty Van, in a couple of days, after I take care of home business, I will head there first, then to PA. 
I will enjoy my 62 birthday in Carlisle/Harrisburg on July 6, then head home for a few more
days before I leave for Houston, TX for the Doctors for Disaster Preparedness Conference
I attended this a couple of years ago when it was in Albequerque, NM.  It was quite interesting and enjoyable. 
 I try to do several conferences a year, part of my efforts to BE INFORMED INSTEAD OF JUST OPINIONATED
(one of the signs on the vans).  Also, I found that great big brass eagle who rides in the trailer on that trip, when I went
up to Santa Fe to take pics of Liberty Van at the state Capitol.  I'll be going directly from Houston to court in Kingwood, WV July 18.
If you are a praying person, please pray for these, as I have been.  Even though they are wrong headed, God loves them too.
Officers Bryan, Mitter (Mr.), Mitter (Mrs.), and Root.  Also Prosecutor Ringer (who wanted me in jail for pink lights),
and Magistrate Jenkins, who signed the order to jail me for that, all of Kingwood, WV.  Also, the people there who must live
with them.  In Carlisle, PA, Officer David Roger, and the folks of that town who have to put up with him, and in Harrisburg, PA,
Officer Schmidt (and those who must live with him).
inalienable Incapable of being alienated, surrendered, or transferred to another; not alienable.
  1. inalienable right a right that cannot be given away

While inalienable and unalienable are today used interchangeably with inalienable more common, the terms have historically sometimes been distinguished.[2]

Regarding current usage being interchangeable:[3]

The unalienable rights that are mentioned in the Declaration of Independence could just as well have been inalienable,
which means the same thing. Inalienable or unalienable refers to that which cannot be given away or taken away.
However, the Founders used the word "unalienable" as defined by William Blackstone in his Commentaries on the Laws
of England, 1:93, when he defined unalienable rights as: "Those rights, then, which God and nature have established,
and therefore called natural rights, such as life and liberty, need not the aid of human laws to be more effectually invested
in every man than they are; neither do they receive any additional strength when declared by the municipal laws to be
inviolable. On the contrary, no human legislature has power to abridge or destroy them, unless the owner shall himself
commit some act that amounts to a forfeiture."...in other words a person may do something to forfeit their unalienable rights...
for instance the unalienable right to freedom which can be forfeited by the commission of a crime for which they may be
punished by their loss of freedom. However, once they are freed after serving their punishment their right is restored.
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As a responsible citizen, I am totally committed to being supportive, and COOPERATIVE with ALL Constitutionally proper law
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NO one is paying me anything to do anything.  I'm a 'ticked off' grandma from Kentucky.
It doesn't get ANY more 'grassroots' than that.  All my projects are 100% PRIVATELY funded.
They are also about 99.9% PERSONALLY funded.  Since I am not actually 'rich', I may end
up a bag lady.  I am doing what I am CALLED to do, and using EVERY inspiration,
talent, and resource God has blessed me with.  It all belongs to Him, anyway.
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Being on the road as much as I have been would probably be impossible, but 27 years
ago God blessed me with the most wonderful husband, John Farley.  He's a 'home body',
hates to go anywhere, but he agrees with me about EVERY WORD I put on those vans,
and he supports my every effort.  He fixes my lights on the vans, and helps me with
technical support at home.  We met when we shared an office at IBM - he's an engineer
(retired).  He holds the fort down here, caring for kids, grandkids, and of course the dogs.
Some of the kids help me from time to time with the vans, mostly with deconstruction,
when changing them from one season to another.  I pay them for their work, they are
not slave labor.  My 6 kids range in age from 43-18, and they are ALL AWESOME.
Only Michael, the youngest, is still at home, and he will be starting boot camp to
become a Marine in May, 2013.
"Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.
 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers,
 against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.
 Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day,
and having done all, to stand."  Ephesians 6:11-13 
I have pledged my life, my treasure, and my sacred honor to the service of God and my country.
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Freedom Van:  April 2014 ~ Stripping in Carlisle PA 5/31/13 ~ May 2013 Arrested/Kingwood, WV ~  St. Patrick's 2013Valentine 2013 ~ Christmas 2012
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