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                                                                            MEMORIAL DAY 2011   
For several years now, I've taken Liberty Van on the road for some holiday cruising, especially on Memorial Day & Independence Day,
among a few others.  I know Liberty Van must be all over youtube, facebook, and etc. as so many folks are taking pics, but they seem
to be a bit hard to find, as most of the time I have no idea who it is, or what they are calling it.  I managed to find this recently, though. 
This is an interview with me, ON MEMORIAL DAY 2008, with the van, when I toured in Tennessee, right after their smoking ban started.   I DID NOT
put Ron Paul in the title of this, by the way, whoever made the video did that. 
  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T_rFUvBuZXY  Memorial Day in TN, 2008, three years ago.
This year (2011), on the Sunday before Memorial Day, I cruised The People's Republics of Glasgow & Bowling Green, then stopped
for a wonderful meal at Cracker Barrel in Cave City (fortunatley still part of the United States of America - they still have FREEDOM
& PRIVATE PROPERTY RIGHTS).  Then I went up and cruised The People's Republic of Louisville at night.  I stayed Sun. night in
Clarksville, IN, about 5 minutes from downtown PRofLouisville.  Clarksville, IN is still the USA, so on Memorial Day morning, I did
a bunch of shopping (4 figures worth) there.  Since there are almost no stores where I live, and I have a pretty big family (6 kids, 8
grandkids, a whole bunch of dogs & cats, and TWO art vans), I spend quite a bit.  The PR of Louisvile can have their stoopid,
UNconstitutional ban of a LEGAL activity from PRIVATELY OWNED properties, but the CAN NOT force ME to spend MY money there. 
I personally have stiffed Louisville for about $100,000 dollars ...so far.  I quit shopping there entirely more than 5 years ago, I don't even
fill my GAS tank there anymore.  I cruised Louisville all afternoon, then had a really great dinner in Clarksville, and cruised Louisville
some more at night.  Here are a few pics, some can be clicked to get enlargements which will open in new windows.  If you are trying
to read, the enlargements are better.   (PHOTO ON THE LEFT BELOW IS OF THE REAR WINDOW, DRIVER'S SIDE)
Don't believe me????  There is a SCIENCE DATA BASE HERE WITH ALL THE 'STUDIES',
ALL the information, at the Science Portal, www.forces.org
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Lynda Farley ~ www.libertyvan.com

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Enjoy these New Year's Resolutions!

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